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Wallball: Fundamentals and Official Rules

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HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Our newest addition to the Paramount Pacific Press family are brothers Ammon (14) and Ashton (10) of Vancouver, WA. Don’t let the age of these rising authors fool you. This book was two years in the making and includes such a comprehensive picture of the past, present, and future of wallball, as well as anecdotes, gear advice, and tips that any child or adult who reads it is sure to become a fan of the sport. Included are chapters on what wallball is today, the history and making of wallball, appropriate clothing, how to organize a tournament at your school and many more surprises. As a bonus, the last 24 pages of this exciting new book contains the official wallball rules from the National Wallball Association (NWA) as well as official score sheets and tournament bracket templates.

Every day the sport of wallball is played by thousands of children and adults around the world. Whether you are playing wallball at home or at school, in a tournament or just for fun, the fact remains that wallball is a game that brings people together and provides many benefits, such as teaching and practicing sportsmanship, improving eye-hand coordination, increasing physical fitness, making and keep friends and most of all, lots of fun. I hope you enjoy this book that my brother Ashton and I wrote and we hope you will have many more years of fun and excitement playing the great game of wallball.  Authors Ammon Service and Ashton Service

48 Pages – Paperback  2013

14.95 (plus shipping)

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House Of Chimes

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The New Science of Meditation

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Anson L. Service tells his miraculous and inspiring story of escaping the grasp of death and sickness using this new method of meditation. With humorous examples and touching true stories, Service presents the latest in scientific research findings, demonstrating how and why meditation, an art thousands of years in the making, is now making its way to the forefront of modern psychological, medical, financial, and spiritual practices. Meditation has recently been hailed by some of the most renowned and respected psychologists, physicians, business executives, and scientists as the most effective tool in our arsenal in treating more than 80% of the problems many of us face today. Meditation is the future of wellness and wealth building. Combining proven scientific methods with the time tested techniques of meditative masters who have created their own destiny, living in a manner most would call miraculous, Service details the philosophy and method that make up the New Science of Meditation. 270 Pages Paperback

Inside Out Parenting

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Parenting expert and psychotherapist Anson L. Service reveals genius strategies, easy steps, and proven tools that any parent (even you) can implement immediately to create dramatic, smart, permanent changes in your family today.

Inside Out Parenting is a must read for all parents. Full of practical, easy-to-implement principles that are sure to improve any parent-child relationship, it is both informative and entertaining. This fresh, relevant and modern book addresses parenting issues that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, such as Facebook and sexting. He is not afraid to say what needs to be said. — Dr. Andrew J. Morse, Grand Junction, CO

You would love to read every book on parenting, but seriously, what parent has time to read much of anything nowadays? In Inside Out Parenting, Anson L. Service gets straight to the heart of many issues in an open, honest, and often humorous way, drawing not only on clinical experience and research, but also on his experiences in raising three energetic boys of his own. This is an inspiring well written book that is lighthearted, touching, and fun to read.

This is a great book! As a parent of five, I loved the down-to-earth advice in Inside Out Parenting! It is so straightforward and uses examples that are useful to every parent. Having adopted children, I could even relate to the chapters on blending families, even though I have not been divorced – it is good guidance for adoption in families, too. I will definitely read this over and over again! — Erin Iverson, mother of five in Vancouver, WA

The Littlest Acorn

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Therapist and author, Anson L. Service tells the story of The Littlest Acorn who desired to be a mighty oak tree, but had a pessimistic friend (like many of us do, or it could be our own negative self talk) who tried to convince him that becoming an oak tree was too much work and took too much time. His friend pointed out perceived weaknesses and reasoning such as “Sure that all sounds great, but I just don’t understand, how could such a tiny seed grow to be so grand?” and “You’re small as small can be, with a funny looking shell. If you ask me what I think, you don’t at all look well.”

The Littlest Acorn listened to the wise words of his Mother Oak and as a result overcame the negative influences in his life by separating himself from them in every way, digging down deep into the ground (becoming grounded) and enduring the wind, rain, and even woodcutters (life’s tough experiences) to ultimately realize his true life potential and make his dreams a reality. It doesn’t end there. A surprising twist at the end with a major message of life awaits you as the littlest acorn, who has become a mighty oak tree, and his pessimistic friend, still an acorn, meet decades later. Read the book to find out what happens.


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This field manual is an inspirational, action packed, exciting book for teens and adults alike. Author and Psychotherapist, Anson L. Service explains in very candid terms, unlike anything published before, what it is like to be a missionary in the Bible-Belt, what life is like for many modern Mormon teenagers and how to prepare to serve a mission despite the many pitfalls and obstacles. Fast forward to the experiences he has now where he relies on the specific skills learned as a sacred agent for the Lord (missionary). His decision to serve a mission will continue to change the world for years and decades to come and it is described as the most important decision of his life. This book contains valuable insights to help the youth increase their church activity, be patient with their parents and youth leaders, and most of all, remain or become worthy to serve as full-time missionaries. Using modern research methods the author shows correlations between missionary service and higher income, lower divorce rates, lower addiction rates, lower stress, greater feelings of happiness, and higher education than the general population of the U.S. Also included are valuable scriptural helps a missionary can use while putting into perspective the differences between Bible bashing and teaching with the spirit. Read how Elder Service and his companion narrowly escaped death, used hidden spy equipment, used a copy of The Book of Mormon to stop a mugging, and handled being surrounded by a motorcycle gang. Also included are details on miracles that occurred, such as saving a young girl’s life and braving a massive storm that resulted in a baptism. You will read about kidnapping, death, run-ins with televangelists, boxing matches, being called out to sing and play a gospel blues solo at a Missionary Baptist church, preaching from the pulpit at other churches, debates with the famed Zig Ziglar, and many other incredible experiences that make up Mission: Incredible.

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